Co-creative collboration

The Regenerative Lab supports complex problem solving and transitioning to the Circular Economy. We shift the way we see the world, from a linear, structured “mechanical worldview’ to a dynamic, chaotic, interconnected array of relationships and feedback loops. This mindset allows untangling and to work within the complexities on hand, mostly taking cues from the complexities in nature and its designs.

We examine understanding the whole and the parts at the same time, along with the relationships and the connections that make up the dynamics of the whole providing the ability to see the interconnectedness. From this place outcomes begin to emerge.

We observe, understand, and intervene in what is discovered placing balance back into poorly functioning feedback loops. We understand systems are dynamic and constantly changing, and so we explore and map what causes these shifts. From here discovery of unique insights can be had resulting in developing interventions towards regenerative change.


Footprint analysis


Systems review


Market understanding


Environment, Sustainability, Governance Activites

The successes women have had in being hired into the environmental workforce and being promoted to leadership positions are not being replicated for minorities.

Dorceta E. Taylor

“My definition of a green-collar job is this: a family-supporting, career-track job that directly contributes to preserving or enhancing environmental quality.”

-Van Jones

Systems thinking requires a shift in mindset, away from linear to circular. The fundamental principle of this shift is that everything is interconnected. We talk about interconnectedness not in a spiritual way, but in a biological sciences way.


How to bring systems back into balance.


Building new in that which is in need of repair.


The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.


Account and access all that exists as an unbiased observer.


Listen to what is needed through discovery to plan and implement.


Awaken energy and the will forces wihtin and the system to activate outcomes.